Unique guestbook by color sands

If you're bored with traditional guestbook styles for wedding like signature frame, booklet...it's time to change your mind! Our wishing sand bottle idea will make you say wow!

I have searched much for guestbook ideas for my wedding day but all of them are old and used by many couples. The traditional guestbook such as signature book or frame, even someone use a guitar or plates or something special which has meanings for keeping guests' signatures.

One idea I think is outstanding is using a dry tree branch for hanging on many wishes of guests. It's beautiful but I still feel it's missing something. I want to do something every special, something whenever I look at it I still remember how my wedding day is.

And I found this. Little bottle with many sand colors. Pink represents for love. Purple is for romantic. Green is humor. Black is forgiveness. Blue is trust. Mixing many colors by guests is a little crazy idea but I really love it. It really works. Our bottle is too wonderful and now it is a special decoration thing in our bedroom. Try this, your wishing sand bottle (guestbook sand bottle) will be different than mine. It depends on creativity of your wedding guests.

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