Pew decoration ideas for church in wedding day

There are some simple rules to remember when you have a plan to decorate church for your special day

Church is holy place so they always have some policies for us to follow. Do not hesitate to contact with them and ask about their rules.

Most of church has white color wall, so it's easy for us to choose color theme for church decoration. Outstanding flowers such as orchid, rose, lily are the best choices for church. They're great on color and smell. Some green, white or brown ribbons will make your flowers outstanding. Before planning to buy any kind of flowers, please ask before going the effort. 

Is it necessary to make church decoration for ceremony? The answer is depends. It's an option for you. According to my opinion, most of church are already decorated with lovely flowers with candles for stained glass. The point is they will decorate your ceremony with available styles. Same style for every ceremony. If you want to make some differences on available styles, just tell them your ideas. I'm sure they will happy to help you to adjust the color, the ribbons, any kind of flowers you want. 
One thing to remember is church ceremony is not the only place need to be decorated. So not do over-decorate. Church obviously is the holy place, happily staying there with your wife or your husband is the most important you should do.

Some pew decoration ideas for your church decoration:
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